St. Olafs Road, Fulham, SW6

Replacement Sash Windows Fulham

Our installers have installed countless amounts of vertical sliders in their time and we are more than confident in their ability. The challenge that we faced here at Unique Windows was the co-ordination of 10 individual flats being installed within a 2 week period.

Of course such projects do not fall into place, it takes weeks of planning. When you are dealing with 10 clients for one property, details can be confusing and can sometimes be lost. However our experience does not lie solely with our installers but also in our office in Carshalton, Surrey. This is where the organising begins, assuring every client experiences an effortless task working alongside us to achieve the look and feel they desire.

We had to liaise with every owner and assure we had access for every flat but in a very specific order. We must work from top to bottom because it is essential no new windows are damaged, the most practical way to achieve this is by installing the new windows above old windows first. This assures no debris can fall onto new windows which may be below if you installed in any order.

Due to our great team we completed the project within our deadline in addition to our high standards.


27 October 2015