Felton Fleet School, Byfleet Road, Cobham, Surrey KT11 1DR

We have completed work for Feltonfleet School for many years now. It is a school with beautiful grounds and stunning buildings.

We first replaced the windows in the caretaker’s quarters in 2011 which quickly led onto completing more works in the summer of 2011, completing the pupils boarding quarters.

More recently in the in the past two school holidays we have worked our way through the main school building and the head masters quarters.
The main building brought many challenges from Dorma windows to large bays.

With such large original bays tied into an old building removing the existing windows is the biggest challenge we face with these projects. Whilst removing the bay to support the weight that is above due to the roof we use an Acrow. 

Bay Jacks for Felton Fleet School window replacementWhen the installing process begins we apply bay jacks with aluminium poles to bare the weight above. We now begin to install the UPVC window fixing into the brick work and the bay poles.

Once the frame is fixed we can begin to ‘make good’ of the window by sealing it up with expanding foam and trimming the frame to enable us to apply the final sealant.


02 April 2015